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Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Overcomer's Package. This complete package includes the book, "Don't Forget To Look Up," the accompanying workbook, and the following five teaching CDs: "Breaking the Cycle of Stress: Finding Your Productive Pace"; "Thoughts and Fear: The Spiritual Battle in Overcoming Panic"; "Formed, Not Just Spoken: A Message of Love and Grace"; "Spiritual Prescriptions"; and "Relaxation Realized!" You also receive FREE follow-up e-mail support when you address your questions to Angela. Everything you need to take authority over fear!                       
PRICE: ONLY $49.95 US           $59.95 International Price
Don't Forget To Look Up: A Christian's Guide to Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Now in its tenth printing, the 104-page paperback is helping people all over the world as they are encouraged by someone who has been there and is now free from panic. PRICE: $10.95
The Don't Forget To Look Up Workbook: Uncovering the Root of Anxiety, Panic & Fear. This revised and expanded edition of the workbook will uncover the root that has kept the stonghold of anxiety and panic in your life. Endorsed by Dr. Archibald Hart, Dr. I.V. Hilliard, Dr. Donald Lichi, and Dr. Timothy R. King, this resource will gently guide you from fear to freedom!  PRICE: $8.95
Fear: The Fortress Without Walls In this message, Angela shares about the origin of fear and how it gets into our lives. She also outlines biblical strategies to break the strongholds of fear and anxiety from our minds. We get into trouble when we don't know What God Said, and Who We Are... that's when the enemy can capitalize on deception! This 40-minute audio CD is just $10/$15 INT'L in our On-Line Store.
Taking Possession of Your Thoughts details how to keep from abandoning your faith during the storms of life. When you look at your circumstances, you can get into fear. But keeping your eyes on Jesus, and His word in your mouth will keep you buoyant! This audio CD is 45 minutes in length. PRICE:  ONLY $10.00
You're Not Responsible for What You Can't Control. Codependency and anxiety often go hand-in-hand. Yet there are some very specific things outlined in Scripture that God wants us to control, and some things He doesn't. You'll learn these truths, along with guidelines for staying in the spirit instead of the flesh. Also, learn several keys to help you keep others' problems and behaviors from determining your thoughts, actions and feelings.  Audio CD PRICE: ONLY $10.00
You're Not Responsible for What You Can't Control. The DVD-R version of the popular audio message. Angela exposes how codependency and anxiety go hand in hand. God doesn't want us to control others' thoughts or actions, and when we creates crippling anxiety. Get free from the stronghold of control and walk in the power of the spirit! PRICE: ONLY $15.00
Don't Let Anxiety Steal  Your Joy! This 45-minute teaching CD outlines the enemy's plan to steal your joy and God's plan to protect it. Love and fear are the opposing forces in this spiritual battle fought in the forefront of our minds! 
PRICE: ONLY $10.00
Don't Let Anxiety Steal Your Joy! - DVD-R. This 45-minute anointed DVD outlines the enemy's plan to steal your joy and God's plan to protect it. Love and fear are the opposing forces in this spiritual battle fought in the forefront of our minds!
PRICE: ONLY $15.00
Confronting Fear on All Fronts. Angela gave this message for the first time at Crossroads Church and Ministries in Marshall, MI. This teaching is one that reveals how to fight fear in all areas of  our life--spiritually, mentally, and physically. If we want to win, we have to engage in the fight on all three battlegrounds You don't have to let fear reign!
PRICE: ONLY $10.00

The Faith Factor: A Spiritual Approach to Combat Worry and Fear. This 30-minute message originally given at the Conference in St. Louis, MO, reveals how to keep our minds from being consumed with worry and fear. Even when the concerns are legitimate, we don't have to let them consistently reign in the forefront of our thoughts. Learn how to use your God-given spiritual weapons and develop faith that overpowers fear! PRICE: ONLY $10.00
Winning the War in Your Soul. Originally given as part of a stress and anxiety briefing at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, this 50-minute teaching details the war for the territory of our minds. We are to "on purpose" dominate our mind, will, and emotions and Angela outlines how to win this battle. She also challenges us to stay constant, despite what may be going on in our environment, and touches on the topic of healing post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
PRICE:  ONLY $10.00
Breaking the Cycle of Stress. This audio CD will help you find your productive pace, learn to react to stress differently, and prioritize your activities. Knowing what your purpose is helps you to know which activities to tackle and which ones to pass by.  
PRICE: ONLY $10.00
Thoughts and Fear. The Spiritual Battle in Overcoming Anxiety and Panic. Learn the keys to controlling your thoughts with such strategies as thought interception and redirection. You don't have to think every thought that tries to get in your mind. With God's Word you can win over the negative thoughts and fears that try to keep you in panic.
PRICE: ONLY $10.00

Formed, Not Just Spoken. God could have spoken you into existence, like He did everything else He created. But you were formed by His own hands, with a specific purpose, destiny and great care and love! 
PRICE: ONLY $10.00
Spiritual Prescriptions. Sometimes in addition to medical help, we need spiritual help. And what better prescription to take than God's Word. Learn these powerful healing scriptures that speak directly about stress, anxiety, fear, worry and doubt and fill your arsenal with the greatest weapon of all! 
PRICE: ONLY $10.00
Relaxation Realized! A Christian progressive relaxation CD that helps you to relax each major muscle group so that you know what it feels like when your body is relaxed. This will help you identify when you start to tense up due to stress.
PRICE: ONLY $10.00
Discovering Your Divine Destiny. First given at the Christmas service at Central Iowa Chapel, Fort Leonard Wood, MO, this anointed teaching reveals that in order for us to discover our divine destiny, something has to die...that something is our will! We need to get into agreement with what God says about our destiny and when we do that, “it is impossible for it not to happen!” 
PRICE: ONLY $10.00
Fear to Freedom: The Workshop for Anxiety and Fear.  The entire workshop on audio CD. International authors, speakers, ministers and a world-renowned psychologist help you to obtain victory over the mindsets that have you in bondage to fear and anxiety.
See the Fear to Freedom page for details of each speaker's message. 
Price: $40.00
The Overcomepanic Overcomer's CD Album. For those people who have already purchased the book and workbook, or who prefer audio teachings, this album is now available separately. Included are the following five teachings: Breaking the Cycle of Stress; Thoughts and Fear; Formed, Not Just Spoken; Spiritual Prescriptions; and Relaxation Realized! And we are also including "Don't Let Anixety Steal Your Joy!"
PRICE: ONLY $34.95