Anxiety Audios and Videos
We hope you find these free anxiety audio and video resources helpful and encouraging as you move forward in your recovery from anxiety, panic and fear.
"Don't Be Afraid" by Ralph Kimbrell
Singer/Songwriter and music minister, Ralph Kimbrell, was inspired to write "Don't Be Afraid" after going through a battle with anxiety and fear. He was kind enough to share this song with us and allow us to put it on our website. Just click on the play button below and enjoy! I am sure you will be blessed by        Mr. Kimbrell's music, so please visit his website at  to browse his complete collection.
"Faces of Hope" for Overcoming Anxiety
This six minute audio is from the Anxiety and Depression Disorder Association (ADAA) national conference. The Faces of Hope panel helps attendees realize that they can overcome anxiety, panic, fear, depression, and other mental health disorders.
Interview with American Family Radio Personality Ron Meyers in Mississippi
This is an interview that Angela Brittain did with radio personality Ron Meyers on American Family Radio WAOY 91.7 in Mississippi. The soundbite focuses on overcoming anxiety and the upcoming Fear to Freedom Conference held at Changing Lives Freedom Church in Hattiesburg, with Pastors Russell and Charlotte Brewer.
Codependency and Anxiety: You're Not Responsible for What You Can't Control
This track is a sample of "You're Not Responsible for What You Can't Control." Codependency and anxiety often go hand in hand. Listen to this excerpt from Angela's CD that addresses the challenging subjects of anxiety and codependency.
Overcome Fear by Outsmarting It!
Overcoming anxiety author Angela Brittain shares insight about managing our thoughts.
Overcome Fear by Confronting It!
Overcoming anxiety author Angela Brittain shares insight about facing our fears head-on..